Landcover Maps

Information on the type and distribution of land-cover within a river basin is an important requirement for flood model development. Land-cover information is utilized in two aspects: (i) to compute how runoff is generated in the upstream watersheds during a rainfall event, and (ii) to determine how smooth or rough the surfaces are within the river basin which is necessary in quantifying the propagation speed and volume of flooding in the floodplains.

For this project, we were able to generate the land-cover maps of Year 1 project areas namely Cabadbaran, Mainit-Tubay and Tago River Basins. The maps were generated through analysis of year 2014 Landsat 7 ETM+ and Landsat 8 OLI satellite images. Interested persons or agencies who may want to utilize the landcover maps for research and other non-commercial purposes may send a request through our contact form.

The Year 2014 Land-cover Map of Cabadbaran and Mainit-Tubay River Basins.
The Year 2014 Land-cover Map of Tago River Basin.