Edited DTMs and DSMs

As its major activity, the project utilized pre-processed 1-m spatial resolution LiDAR-derived elevation datasets of the project areas from the UP Diliman Phil-LIDAR team. These datasets consisted of first and last return DSMs, a secondary DTM, and a DTM in tiles of 1km x 1km dimension. These datasets were coded by the UP Diliman LIDAR Team as “d”, “s”, “t”, and “v”, respectively. Technically, these datasets are four (4) types of LiDAR point cloud output files in ASCII format derived from the processing of raw LiDAR data using the TerraScan software. The pre-processed LIDAR-derived elevation datasets provided by the  UP Diliman Phil-LIDAR team cannot be directly used for flood modeling purposes as it still requires editing and mosaicking, integration of bathymetry/river bed data, calibration of the elevation values to the Mean Sea Level datum, and validation to assess the accuracy of the elevation values in the fully-edited DTM and DSMs.

Please refer to this page for the most recent progress and accomplishments in DTM and DSM editings. Note that the integration of bathymetric data into the edited LiDAR DTMs is not yet done as bathymetric data from UP Diliman Phil-LiDAR 1 DVBC is not yet available.

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