CSU Phil-LiDAR 1 Attends the 36th ACRS

The 36th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (2015 ACRS) with the theme “ACRS 2015: Fostering Resilient Growth in Asia”, was held last October 19-23, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Ortigas Business District, Metro Manila, Philippines. The conference was jointly organized by Asian Association on Remote Sensing (AARS) General Secretary— Prof. Kohei Cho, ACRS 2015 Local Organizing Committee Chairman—Dr. Enric C. Paringit and the President of Philippine Geosciences and Remote Sensing Society (PhilGRSS)—Dr. Gay Jane Perez.

The conference aims to bring together students, researchers, scientists, engineers, policy makers, professionals and practitioners from all over Asia. The Conference is an avenue for the participants to discuss technical issues, present diverse array of research papers and studies, exchange ideas and a room for growth. The conference was centered in the discussion of various environmental problems and disasters that have been present in Asia for years. To address these problems, the conference highlighted how Remote Sensing can greatly contribute to the goal of building a resilient community and strengthen the capability of the developed and developing countries in Asia in adapting to change.

Throughout the conference, there were 926 participants and 638 papers presented during the plenary, sub-plenary and technical sessions. Among the participants of the conference were the technical team of CSU Phil-LiDAR 1—Engr. Meriam M. Santillan, Engr. Lorie Cris S. Asube, Engr Jojene R. Santillan, Engr. Arthur M. Amora, Engr. Linbert C. Cutamora, Engr. Ronald M. Makinano, Engr. Jesiree L. Serviano, Engr. Jennifer T. Marqueso, Mr. Edsel Matt O. Morales, Engr. Sherwin P. Pulido, Engr. Melfred Anthony Berdera and Engr. Jared P. Culdora. The following seven research papers of the CSU Phil-LiDAR 1 Team were chosen to be presented:

  • Analyzing the impacts of tropical Storm-Induced Flooding Through Numerical Model Simulations And Geospatial Data Analysis
  • Flood Hazard Mapping Of River Basins In Caraga Region, Mindanao, Philippines Through The CSU Phil-Lidar 1 Project
  • Flood EViDEns: A Web-Based Application For Near-Real Time Flood Event Visualization And Damage Estimations
  • Flood Hazard Mapping Of Mainit-Tubay River Basin, Mindanao, Philippines Using LiDAR And Numerical Models
  • Assessing The Impacts Of Flooding In Tago River Basin, Mindanao, Philippines Through Integration Of High Resolution Elevation Datasets, Landsat Image Analysis, And Numerical Modelling
  • 3D Building GIS Database Generation From LiDAR Data And Free Online Web Maps And Its Application For Flood Hazard Exposure Assessment
  • Near-Real Time Rainfall Monitoring In The Caraga Region, Mindanao, Philippines

Several 5th year BS Geodetic Engineering Students from Caraga State University attended and presented during the conference as well. Amongst these students were Amor L. Gingo, Janice G. Baay, Joy C. Casinginan, Melba Dominique Burdeos, Joymae Jadap, Clarvi May Moran, Alyssa Kaiser Roa, Alvar Sahipa, and Shiela Refamonte.

The conference ended with Engr. Jojene R. Santillan, Engr. Meriam M. Santillan and Mr. Edsel Matt O. Morales receiving the Bronze Award for their web application entitled “Flood EViDEns: A Web-Based Application for Near Real Time Flood Event Visualization and Damage Estimations” which was presented during the Web Contest 5 (WEBCON5). Another pride of Caraga State University was Ms. Joy Casinginan, who was a recipient of the award for Best Poster Presentation Student Award for her paper entitled ‘Combining LiDAR Data, Field Surveys and Hydrologic Modelling Techniques for Drainage System Assessment.”