UPD Phil-LiDAR 1 DPPC visits CSU LiDAR 1

The Data Pre-Processing Component (DPPC) of the University of the Philippines-Diliman (UPD) Phil-LIDAR 1 project visited the CSU LiDAR 1 office last March 11-13, 2015. The visiting team was composed of Engr. Sarah Jane Samalburo, Chief Science Research Specialist; Engr. Gladys Mae Apat, Supervising Science Research Specialist; Engr. Harmond Santos, Senior Science Research Specialist; and Engr. Kechy Solidum, Senior Science Research Specialist.

The UPD Phil-LiDAR 1 DPPC Team having a discussion with the CSU LiDAR 1 DPT. In this photo are (from counterclockwise from left): Engr. Linbert Cutamora (DPT), Engr. Kechy Solidum (UP Phil-LiDAR 1 DPPC), Engr. Harmond Santos (DPPC), Engr. Sarah Jane Samalburo (DPPC), Engr. Gladys Mae Apat (DPPC), Engr. Meriam M. Santillan (CSU LiDAR 1 Project Leader), Engr. Jojene R. Santillan (CSU LiDAR 1 CSRS), Engr. Presley Carl Oconer (DPT), and Engr. Jesiree Servianco (DPT).

The purpose of the visit was to address and discuss existing LiDAR data processing issues and concerns encountered by CSU LiDAR 1’s Data Processing Team (DPT). The visit was very important considering that all LiDAR data being processed by the DPT (i.e., preliminary Digital Terrain Models – DTMs, Digital Surface Models – DSMs) all came from UPD DPPC which they generate through pre-processing of raw LiDAR datasets. These preliminary DTMs and DSMs are being edited and mosaicked by the DPT to produce geometrically accurate, calibrated and validated DTMs and DSMs. These final outputs are then utilized by the DPR or extraction of features (buildings, roads, bridges), and by the Flood Modeling Team (FMT) for flood model development. The UPD Phil-LiDAR 1 DPPC Team also presented how they do the LiDAR data pre-processing: from data download from the LIDAR sensor, georeferencing, LiDAR classification, and generation of preliminary DTMs and DSMs.

During the visit, several issues and concerns were discussed that includes coverage of available LiDAR data, status and progress of LiDAR DTM and DSM editing and mosaicking, technical problems encountered during editing and mosaicking, and DTM and DSM quality checking.