Simulations of Flooding Due to ‘Agaton’ and ‘Seniang’ in Cabadbaran River

Preliminary and unvalidated 2D simulations of the January 2014 Typhoon Agaton and December 2014 Typhoon Seniang flood events in Cabadbaran River, Agusan del Norte, Philippines. The purpose of these simulations is to provide preliminary visualizations of the differences in the magnitude and extent of flooding during the two typhoons.

The simulation was generated using the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code or EFDC, with inflow hydrographs computed using HEC HMS and tidal data as boundary conditions. The 2D model utilized LiDAR-derived DTM provided by UP DREAM/Phil-LiDAR Data Preprocessing Team of UP Diliman. The river bed topography/bathymetry of Cabadbaran River is not yet integrated into the DTM used during the simulation. The model simulations will be updated once river bed topography/bathymetry of Cabadbaran River is available.

“Agaton” (January 2014)

“Seniang” (December 2014)


LiDAR DTM: UP Disaster Risk and Exposure Assessment for Mitigation (DREAM) Program / Phil-LiDAR 1 Data Pre-Processing Component (DPPC), TCAGP, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
Cabadbaran HEC HMS Model: Engr. Arthur M. Amora, SSRS, Phil-LiDAR 1.2.14 Project
Tidal Data: OSU Tidal Prediction Software implemented through the Tidal Model Driver (TMD) Matlab Toolbox
EFDC_Explorer Version 7.1 Software and License: Use of software courtesy of "Project 3. Modeling of Flashflood Events By Integrated GIS and Hydrological Simulations" Project under the Program “Surveys and Measurement Technologies for Flood Control, Mitigation and Management Systems (SMTFCMMS), TCAGP,University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
EFDC Model Development and Simulation: Engr. Jojene R. Santillan, CSRS, Phil-LiDAR 1.2.14 Project