Web-based Near-real Time Flood EViDEns for Lake Mainit

flood_evidensThe Phil-LiDAR 1.2.14 Team has developed a preliminary version of an application for flood extent visualization/inundation monitoring for Lake Mainit. Called the Web-based Near-real Time Flood Extent Visualization and Damage Estimations (Flood EViDEns), the app utilizes (at the moment) a 10-meter SAR DEM as source of topographic information. The concept behind the Lake Mainit Web-based Near-real Time Flood EViDEns is that lake water inundation extent can be generated by utilizing water surface elevation (WSE) data recorded by water level monitoring stations in combination with a DTM. Since the lake WSE is known, then we can find those areas within and in the vicinity of the lake whose elevations are equal to the lake WSE. These areas can be considered as inundated. Moreover, as lake WSE is constantly provided by monitoring stations, then it is possible to create and update in near-real time a map of lake water inundated areas.

The Google Map below reflects the initial output of the Lake Mainit Web-based Near-real Time Flood EViDEns. To know the date and time of inundation information, please click on the blue lines.

Click here to learn more about Flood EViDEns and what it can do for you.