Long-term Deployment of Sensors in Cabadbaran River Basin

Last November 10, 2014, the Phil-LiDAR 1.2.14 team deployed datalogging sensors in the Cabadbaran River Basin. The sensors consisted of a rain gauge, a water level logger, and 2D velocity meter. The purpose of the deployment is to collect long-term hydrological data (rainfall depth, water level, and water velocity) that will be utilized to calibrate and validate the HEC HMS-based hydrologic models of the river basin. The HEC HMS models consist a major component of the flood models that will be produced by the project.

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The rain gauge was deployed on the rooftop of Cabadbaran City Hall while the water level logger and 2D velocity meter were deployed in Cabadbaran Bridge (near the outlet of the Cabadbaran River Basin).

The deployment was supervised by Engr. Meriam M. Makinano (Project Leader) together with Engr. Jojene R. Santillan (Chief SRS), Engr. Arthur M. Amora (Senior SRS), and Engr. Ronald Makinano (Research Associate) and was supported by personnel from the Cabadbaran City Hall and by the locals.