Editing of LiDAR DTMs and DSMs of Cabadbaran and Mainit-Tubay River floodplains completed

LiDAR Data Processing Status and Progress Map_11122014Processed DEM Map_v2_11122014As of November 7, 2014, the Phil-LiDAR 1.2.14 Data Processing Team (DPT) was able to complete the editing of 869 square kilometers of LiDAR Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) covering the Year 1 project areas, specifically the floodplains of Cabadbaran, and Mainit-Tubay River Basins. Another set comprising of 709 square kilometers of DTMs and DSMs covering the floodplains of Tago River Basin are due for completion by end of November 2014.

The editing of LiDAR DTMs and DSMs is a major activity of the Phil-LiDAR 1.2.14 project. The DTMs and DSMs being edited were provided by the UP DREAM/Phil-LIDAR 1 Data PreProcessing Component (DPPC) as blocks of first and last return DTMs and DSMs. A total of 52 blocks of DTMs and DSMs were provided for editing which is equivalent to 5,087 square kilometers. Of these, 18 blocks (or 1,578 sq. km.) cover the floodplains of Year 1 project areas. Once edited, these DSMs and DTMs will be  utilized for flood model development and hazard map generation.

The DPT is composed of Engr. Linbert Cutamora (Research Associate and DPT head), Engr. Jesiree Serviano (Science Research Assistant), and Engr. Presley Oconer (Science Research Assistant). From time to time, some of the Project Technical Assistants take part in the editing process.

More details about the DSM and DTM editing progress can be found here.

>>>Note (12/23/2014): An update to this article is available here