Field testing of water level loggers and 2D velocity meters

Last October 22, 2014, the Phil-LiDAR 1.2.14 team conducted a field testing of water level loggers and 2D velocity meters that were recently purchased by the project in Taguibo River which is approximately 4 kilometers from CSU campus.

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The said sensors will be utilized for long term measurements of water level and velocity in specific locations along the Cabadbaran, Mainit-Tubay, and Tago Rivers. The long term measurements combined with cross-section data at the deployment stations will be processed to compute discharge hydrographs. These hydrographs together with rainfall data will then be utilized to calibrate and validate the HEC HMS-based hydrologic models of the Year 1 river basins. The HEC HMS models consist a major component of the flood models that will be produced by the project.